Product introduction
Battery management controller/battery actuating and supervising unit
As an essential part of on-board energy monitoring and management of EV/HEV, BMC/BASU (Battery Management Controller/Battery Actuating and Supervising Unit) forms a complete battery management system with BIC and HVSU/Shunt daughter board, and realizes the functions of battery state analysis, battery information management, battery safety protection, battery balance control, etc.
Recommended model
Gen 4.0 BMC:FD-M-40-BMC-0001
Gen 4.5 BMC:FD-M-47-BMC-0001
Gen 4.6 BASU:FD-M-46-BASU-1000
High voltage supervising unit
HVSU (High Voltage Supervising Unit) can realize synchronous sampling of the total voltage and current of the battery pack, check the insulation resistance of the high-voltage system, and diagnose the sintering of the contactor.
Recommended model
Gen 4.5 HVSU:FD-M-46-HVSU-0800
Battery information connector
The NBIC (Neuronal Battery Information Connector) is adopted with the form of nickel sheet welding rather than traditional sampling harness and equipped with a standardized core board, which reduces the pack cost and shortens the development cycle.
Recommended model
Centralized battery information connector
The CBIC (Centralized Battery Information Connector) is not affected by the arrangement of the battery pack, with the number of cell sampling channels customized, which is more suitable for packs or cylindrical batteries with an irregular cell arrangement.
Recommended model